Embroidering Baseball Hats

Embroidered Baseball Caps

A baseball cap design can look amazing on paper or the computer screen, but that doesn’t mean that it will translate well to embroidery. Designs must accommodate the nuances and limitations of needled and thread. In general, baseball cap embroidery favors big, bold typography and designs.

For the best results, the embroidered text needs to be a minimum of ¼” tall for it to read legibly. This ¼” height rule applies to lower-case letters and usually translates to an 11pt. font size.

This size limitation is because needle and thread must work inside certain specifications to withstand the embroidery process. This rule is especially important for caps due front panel seams. If text is too small, it could get lost in the seam and reduce overall quality.

Besides lettering, other fine details can run into complications with embroidery. Fine lines are hard to translate into stitches and can cause dotted lines or “run stitches.” Increase line thickness if you find run stitches in the embroidery.

Other Hat Styles

Flexfit Hats

Flexfit hats uses an elastic band to adjust the size of the hat. The flexfit technology can only adjust between 1/2 to 5/8 of an inch so five sizes are needed to cover the range of human head sizes. To accommodate the promotional products industry they also produce a “One Size Fits All” OSFA version. The OSFA will fit the majority of the population fairly well (90%+). If you have a smaller head the OSFA option may not provide an optimal fit and you may want to try a youth or ladies specific hat. Size charts are provided for all the hats we sell so you can make sure you are getting the best fit.

Adjustable Baseball Caps

Adjustable baseball hats are sold as “One size fits all” OSFA and use an adjustable strap in the back to set the size. Generally OSFA hats can accommodate 21 5/8 to 23 7/8 head circumference. A small number of people have heads that are outside this size range.

Trucker Hats

Trucker hats are generally constructed with a foam or twill front and a mesh back with plastic adjustment straps. You can pick them out easily since they do not have a center seam on the crown since its all one panel. They are popular in warm climates as the foam wicks away sweat and the mesh back provides outstanding ventilation and protection from the sun.

Military Caps

Military style caps have the same location requirements as ball caps. Although, they may require a smaller sized decoration depending on the height of the front panel.

Sizes For Embroidered Areas

Baseball Hat Front

The front of a baseball hat is limited to a logo 2.25 inches tall. We try to limit the logo width to 4 inches but we do stitch 5 inch wide logos when appropriate.

Baseball Hat Side

The side of a baseball hat can accommodate a 1.25 inch square logo on either the right or left side. Depending on the hat construction we can sometimes go a bit larger.

Baseball Hat Back

Baseball hats with strap closure we apply a 3 inch by 1 inch logo. The logo is typically arched over the opening on adjustable hats. Flexfit hats allow for larger size logos and the logo does not need to be arched.

Text Lettering Size

Very small text is not easily reproduced with embroidery since we use a zig zag or satin stitch to make the letters. It’s best to keep all text 1/4 inch or taller for best results.


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