EmbroIdered HAt Types

Design Your Own Custom Hat

Cotton Blends

Cotton is the most common custom hat fabric we embroider on. Cotton can be blended with other fabrics to produce new fabrics (like canvas or denim) with different performance characteristics.

Wicking Hat Fabric

Popular fabrics often used in custom baseball and golf hats –  wicking cotton fabrics were designed to evaporate moisture quickly so you (and your custom embroidered hat) keep cool and dry. 

Mesh Hat Fabric

Mesh is a typically made from a  polyester and is woven with large holes to provide maximum hat and head ventilation. Our custom trucker hats are a prime example of a mesh hat we can customize

Wool Hat Fabric


A wool baseball cap is always great to have. Wool is a soft and durable fabric that’s great for heat insulation. The crown is made of 6 panels of wool blend fiber with 6 ventilation sewn eyelets in each panel. 

What Can Be EmbroIdEred?

Hat Panels Baseball hats are constructed from panels of fabric. A typical baseball hat is made from six panels stitched together. This configuration leaves a vertical seam on the wearers forehead and any logo embroidered on the front. Some companies produce a 5 panel hats which eliminate this seam. Many embroidered golf hats use a five panel construction. Hat Brim (or Hat Bill) The hat bill keeps the sun out of your eyes and rain off your face. It is constructed by stitching fabric over a plastic form. There are two kinds of bills flat and curved depending the shape of the plastic form used. Hat Crown The crown is the sum of the 5 or 6 panels stitched together to make the top part of the hat. Crowns are typically structured and unstructured. A structured crown is one that has been specially reinforced with buckram fabric or plastic inside the panels to help keep the crown’s shape. An unstructured crown has no reinforcing material as a result the hat does not hold its shape. Crowns come in three different profiles or heights, short, medium, and tall. The larger the profile the easier it will be to stitch your embroidered logo. If you have a very large logo it’s best to select a tall profile hat.

More About The Anatomy Of The Humble Baseball Hat

Simple Upfront Pricing

1-25 hats: $15. 
26-50 hats: $14. 
51-99 hats: $13. 
100-150 hats: $12.

151-299 hats: $11. 
300+ hats: $10. 
Multi-cam is $2 more. 

Design Your Own Custom Hat

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